Topics: Scholarships, Administrative, Athletics

June 11, 2007

Ball State has created new merit scholarship programs, added funding for colleges and departments and raised money for a new student recreation and wellness center during a Lilly Endowment Inc. program designed to boost giving to Indiana's public and private universities.

Ball State received $2.59 million in private gifts between June 2005 and Dec. 31, 2006, specifically in response to Phase II of the Endowment's Special Initiative to Strengthen Philanthropy for Higher Education Institutions. 

In 2005, the Endowment offered Ball State an opportunity to receive up to $2.5 million in matching dollars for generating new and increased giving in four areas: faculty and staff participation, new alumni donor participation, merit scholarship endowments and a student recreation and wellness center. 

Donors were able to contribute to existing funds, establish new funds or participate in pooled merit scholarship funds. As a result of the matching program, a number of new funds were created and the overall goal of the fundraising effort was exceeded, said Ben Hancock, vice president for University Advancement.

"We are grateful for the many alumni and friends of the university who made this achievement possible," he said. "Through their generosity we were able to meet and exceed the challenge set forth by Lilly Endowment, which continues to be a force for positive change in higher education in Indiana and across the nation."

During the second phase of the program, the university received:

  • $1.6 million for merit scholarships, including pooled funds totaling $200,000 to create endowment scholarships within six of Ball State's seven colleges
  • $700,000 from faculty and staff for support for colleges and departments
  • $150,000 for a new student recreation and wellness center
  • $100,000 in gifts from first-time donors for the University Scholars Fund

The first phase of the matching program resulted in the university receiving about $4.5 million in private gifts between June 2002 and the end of 2003.

"Our gratitude extends, as well, to the members of Ball State's Board of TrusteesFoundation Board of DirectorsAlumni Council, National Philanthropy Council and advancement staff, whose diligent work and partnerships were instrumental in reaching this goal," Hancock said. "This proven teamwork approach sets the stage for what we plan to achieve in the future."