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Invest in your fellow Cardinals with our crowdfunding platform just for Ball State University.

You can join other students, faculty, staff, and alumni in supporting their projects and activities by making gifts through this online tool. And because our platform is managed by the Foundation, that means we are screening and verifying all campaigns, guaranteeing that your contributions will go to their intended purposes—for zero fee!

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Do you have a fundraiser in mind?

If you would like to use our crowdfunding tool, you’ll need to submit an application and go through a review process.


In order for us to approve a project and setup a campaign, it needs to meet our guidelines:

  • be affiliated with Ball state
  • have a department, program, or center where we can deposit funds
  • consist of project leaders who create and market promotional materials
  • apply by the deadline

Crowdfunding campaigns cannot be used as a pass-through to support organizations outside of Ball State.

Read our full guidelines.


There are various windows of opportunity to apply for and launch a crowdfunding project. For more information, read more on our About page.


After you’ve planned out your campaign, you’ll need to complete our online application so that we can gather information on what you’re raising money for and how much your goal is.

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