Current students are an important part of the Cardinal community. You don’t have to wait for graduation to start building your legacy at Ball State. Your gift of time is just as valuable and impactful as monetary contributions. There are many ways to give back in thanks for what Ball State and all of the alumni and friends who support the university and its students have given you.

There are several foundation-backed programs for students to get involved in to support philanthropy and engagement. For more information about these programs, contact the office of Strategic Engagement and Communications at 765-285-8312 or via email.

Students walking by Shaffer TowerPhilanthropy Education Council

The Philanthropy Education Council is a student group focused on educating the Ball State community about the impact and importance of philanthropy in the continued success of our campus. Through various initiatives, the Philanthropy Education Council works with the Foundation’s Annual Giving department to promote the spirit and knowledge of philanthropy among the University student population. One of their signature events is Thank a Donor Day. Learn more.

Thank you cardThank a Donor Day

Thank a Donor Day is a year-round celebration of our donors and their contributions to Ball State. This is a chance for students from all areas to show their gratitude to those who have come before and who have continued to support the legacy and growth of our university. Special events will occur throughout the academic year, where you can celebrate and thank the university donors with personalized cards. These cards will be mailed to donors after our Thank a Donor Day Celebration in April.

Students writing thank you notes

Student Thank You Letter Writing Event

Every fall, students receiving donor funded scholarships to Ball State are encouraged to join the foundation for a three-day event to write personalized letters to the donors who have made these scholarships possible. These thank you letters are included in annual donor fund reports and are a great way to let the donors know just how grateful you are for their generosity. Scholarship recipients will receive an email invitation to this event each year.



Each year, our Cardinal Caller student team speaks with tens of thousands of alumni and friends. These students place phone calls from September through May in order to provide campus updates, thank donors, and ask for your support. Cardinal Callers raise more than $500,000 annually to benefit academic areas, student programming, athletics, the library, the arts, and other funds that move the university forward.