Student Achievements  

The Multicultural Center's 37th Annual Achievement Awards recognizes individuals and organizations for their contributions to the university's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism.

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37th Achievement Awards



 Award Descriptions

This award recognizes an undergraduate or graduate residence hall staff member who has exhibited true initiative and direction in promoting the areas of diversity and multiculturalism.

This respective staff member has not only promoted diversity and multiculturalism but has held events and actively pushed the concept of culture and equality. This person has also encouraged other leaders on campus who promote diversity and multiculturalism.

This award recognizes a student of color who has exhibited consistent growth and development as a leader, active involvement in a variety of campus and community organizations, and the ability to work well with others, over a period of two to three years.

This award is presented to a student who promotes diversity and cross-cultural sensitivity among all people; who strives to transcend all cultural and racial boundaries and; who best demonstrates tolerance and acceptance of diversity as expressed by the mission of the Multicultural Center to support and advance the University's commitment to cultural diversity.

This award is intended to recognize a full-time faculty or professional staff member who exemplifies the spirit of Dr. Foster’s many years of dedication and service to Ball State students.

The chosen faculty/staff member will have supported the mission of the Multicultural Center with their time, knowledge, and support.

This award is presented to a current freshman student of color or a freshman international student who has been actively involved on campus and is a rising leader who is making a positive impact at Ball State University.

This award is named after Jessie Nixon who was the first African American student to graduate from Ball State University in 1925. Today the Jessie Nixon award presented to a graduating senior student of color who has broken barriers and made a positive lasting impact at Ball State University.

This award is presented annually to a student who consistently strives for, and attains, excellence in and out of the classroom, despite the presence of tremendous obstacles (educational, personal, financial, physical, etc.).

This award is given to recognize a full-time faculty/professional staff member who has gone beyond the call of duty to assist the Multicultural Center in developing students over the past year.

This award is presented to a student of color who has shown self-initiated service in a variety of agencies and has a consistent history of service to others within the Ball State and/or Muncie communities.

This award recognizes a non-faculty member who consistently has supported the Multicultural Center’s mission in a variety of ways in the last year.

This award is presented to a student, group of students, or student organization(s) for implementing a multicultural program that stood above the rest.