The director of public safety or a designee might determine there is an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees on campus who need to protect themselves from imminent danger, such as a gas leak in a building.

In these cases, the university sends emergency notifications via Ball State's website, email, Twitter, classroom call boxes, and mobile text messaging to subscribers. The university may also use a campus siren.

In each classroom there is a square red Emergency callbox which can dial directly to University Police. If an Emergency Text is sent out, the call boxes will convert text to voice to alert the class. Should there be an emergency affecting a particular classroom, hit the ‘call’ button to be connected to University Police.

Weather Alerts

The university sends weather-related text alerts for tornado warnings. To receive notifications about other types of weather, consider the following:

When the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, Ball State will post pertinent information on the homepage of and send a text message to subscribers of the university’s emergency text-messaging system. Students, employees, and others should continue to monitor the weather via radio or television until the tornado warning has been lifted for their area.

Marketing and Communications also uses this system when the vice president for business affairs or a designee determines classes are canceled or the campus is closed.


Would Ball State issue an emergency warning in the following scenarios?

Yes. University Police confirm a report that someone with a shotgun is walking through the Student Center.

Yes. The university confirms a report of a gas leak in the Art and Journalism Building. 

No. A multiple-vehicle accident at the Scramble Light injures several people. There is no time-sensitive threat or action required by other university community members. Instead, the university may issue a public safety advisory encouraging others to avoid the area.