Mark Bila

Mark Bila

Vice President of Scholarship and Academics

Major: Marketing

Class: Junior

Hometown: Shelbyville, IN

Greek Affiliation: Phi Delta Theta

The Vice President of Scholarship and Academics for the Interfraternity Council (IFC), is responsible for providing resources so the all-fraternity average GPA is above the all-men’s average GPA. This includes, but is not limited to developing and implementing various academically focused programs while supporting individual chapters events as well, and serving as a liaison for the Greek honorary society Order of Omega. The IFC also offers a scholarship to incoming freshmen, and the Vice President of Scholarship and Academics works so that the scholarship is correctly marketed so the IFC will be able to use it as a key recruitment tool within the values based recruitment method. 

Goals: To continue to make academics a precedent in the Greek community and to provide opportunities for scholastic growth.