Ball State Professors are here for one reason, to teach. And they, rather than graduate students, will teach you. In fact you’ll get to know and work side by side on projects with them. For example, 80 percent of chemistry majors participate in research with a faculty mentor. Undergraduates also work alongside faculty in their own field of study and others. For instance, computer science, journalism, and media students worked with professors on iMedia, delivering content on multiple platforms, including TV and cell phones. And an entrepreneurship professor took students under his wing to explore a countywide chamber of commerce concept for an Indiana county.

With great faculty, come great expectations. Your professors will challenge you to experiment and take creative intellectual risks—anything that gets you thinking and working at maximum capacity. The best part—they’re real people with extensive resumes and lots of experiences to share. They’re winning awards, coming up with creative ways to help students, and dropping by the White House for a photo shoot. Ball State education professors developed smartDESKTOP, a system that allows teachers to more efficiently track student progress so they can spend more personal time with students. Whatever the discipline, our faculty is hands on and in touch.