OK, you get it. We offer the big school opportunities with the small school support, but what’s that really feel like? Something like this . . .

Comfortable. You’ll be surrounded by Midwestern friendliness and lots of open minds. You’ll recognize faces but still have plenty of people to get to know. On your way to class, maybe you’ll pass through the Scramble Light at McKinley and Riverside avenues, grab a quick bite at the Atrium, throw a penny into Frog Baby’s fountain for good luck, and pass by beautiful architecture, artwork, and greenery. But you’ll never get lost in the shuffle.

Personal. Imagine your first class in one of our totally wired classrooms. You’ll find a professor standing at the front of the room, not a teaching assistant. The other desks will be full of eager students who work hard—and work together—but still know how to have a good time. In your free time, you’ll relax in our new or renovated residence halls or take a few steps off campus to The Village where you can eat, shop, and meet up with friends for coffee.

Confident. Ball State is about more than just finding a major and working your way toward a degree. It’s about finding yourself. With the freedom to learn and live with the support of friends and faculty you’ll grow in ways that can’t be gauged by test scores and accomplish things you never thought possible—such creating business plans for real businesses and rebuilding homes in Southeast Asia. So, of course, you’ll earn a valuable degree, but just as important, you’ll earn the confidence to take life on your own terms and have one heck of a time doing it.

Original. We call them Ball State-isms—the little idiosyncratic traditions that make Ball State unique. Like waving hello to Happy Friday Guy as he rides through campus on his scooter, decked out with cape and mask, wishing everyone a “happy Friday!” Or leaving notes for friends at Naked Lady. On the weekends, queue up for one of Carter the Hot Dog Man’s famous dogs. And on Saturday nights, hit up Late Nite for the biggest (and free) bash on campus.