Executive Education Programs

Our most popular Business and Executive Education programs are taught by faculty from the AACSB-accredited Miller College of Business, highly experienced and respected practitioners. Programs are designed to raise the bar on personal and organizational performance. Explore our most frequently requested programs below:

Popular Programs

The directors of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute have packed over a decade of unprecedented research on Disney principles and practices into this workshop (and a book by Routledge Publishing). Dozens of practical lessons. Learn from the world’s best and apply to your organization!

There has never been a more important time to focus on your customers. CXX is a highly interactive exercise in casting a vision, mapping your customer journey, and improving each touchpoint with your customer’s expectations in mind.

Tailored especially for those who aren’t naturally “numbers people,” our step-by-step approach teaches financial statements, how to interpret them, and how each attendee can understand their role in the organization’s financial success.

When an employee is a proven performer, the next step is often management – which is actually an entirely different skill set! Equip your rising stars to transition smoothly, growing from a producer to an effective leader.

Bring your real-world challenges to this unique training on problem-solving styles, information gathering, creativity, and action planning. Build your own course structure from one day to multiple. Apply proven, repeatable steps to foster consistent innovation in your organization!

Our process is to LEAD:

  • Listen: We learn your real-world needs, challenges, opportunities, and your definition of an excellent outcome.
  • Explore: We work collaboratively with you to select the most meaningful content for your organization.
  • Adapt: We tailor and apply content to actual, relevant objectives of your organization.
  • Deliver: We provide challenging, inspiring education that increases knowledge, skills, and impact.

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Custom Programs

Every organization is unique from its culture to its priorities. To develop a tailored training solution with us request a custom training.