Executive Education Program

Business and Industry Training

Ball State has a rich history of partnering with employers of all types and sizes. As employers, you depend on an engaged workforce that is in step with innovation, ahead of your competition, and aligned with your organizational values. Lifetime Learning by Ball State offers a breadth of expertise—from healthcare to business, to STEM, teacher education and strategic communication, to the arts and design. We will partner with you to develop training and executive programs that are customized to your organization’s talent development needs, when and where you need them.

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Build Recruitment Pipelines

You’ll collaborate with faculty thought leaders to tailor training solutions that solve your biggest staffing challenges. Your vision combined with our on-demand customized training = less recruitment costs. Build pipelines of talent, retain productive employees, and develop them into leaders. We serve multiple industries and sectors including healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, non-profit, arts and culture, government, and more.

Executive Education and Leadership Training

We partner with Ball State’s Miller College of Business to deliver Executive Education programs including Leveled Up – self-paced management and leadership training for people in supervisory positions who need the tools to succeed. Other popular trainings include Employee Engagement, Finance for People-People, and Customer Experience Excellence, which helps you map your customer journey. Take it to the next level with the Applied Magic (Disney) customer service workshop. No one does it better than Disney, and you can bring the magic to your business through Lifetime Learning at Ball State.

Leverage Growth Opportunities

We can help you innovate and leverage strategic opportunities that build an undeniable competitive advantage. Get Simplexity Innovation Process training to step up your game. BSU is the United States host site for this face-to-face innovation and problem-solving training.

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