Robert Wertman

Robert Harold Wertman

Master of Urban Planning 2013

Transportation Planning Supervisor for the Madison County Council of Governments

Robert Wertman is the transportation planning supervisor for the Madison County Council of Governments, the Anderson Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The Anderson MPO is the federally mandated and federally funded transportation planning agency for the Anderson urbanized area. Robert leads the transportation planning section of the Anderson MPO and is responsible for the transportation systems planning, transportation systems monitoring, transportation safety, and local technical assistance roles of the organization.

Robert holds a master of urban and regional planning from Ball State University and two bachelors of science from Michigan State University: one in urban and regional planning (2011) and another in sociology (2011). Robert is actively involved in functions of the American Planning Association, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the Transportation Research Board.

In 2014, Robert led the development and execution of a regional transportation study, Heartland in Motion, which sought to better understand resident travel patterns and attitude about transportation. Information collected from the study was critical in answering questions like:

  • How should investments in the transportation system be prioritized?
  • Where should roads be expanded to handle future conditions?
  • What role can carpooling, biking, walking, and taking transit play on improving regional accessibility and mobility?
  • How can our region better connect to the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area?

Robert is also involved in several transportation improvement projects, such as the Falls Pointe business park located near Exit 219 on I-69. Robert lives in Central Indiana and enjoys traveling frequently to Northern Michigan in his spare time to enjoy both winter and summer activities.