Student Stories

Student with Mayor

Win-Win: Department GAs Work with Indiana Partners

Making sure students graduate with real-world experience is a top priority for the Department of Urban Planning.

Wondering what planners do? Join us on a virtual field trip

Each summer Scott Truex, associate professor of urban planning, takes the CAP first-year students to Indianapolis to meet planning alumni and learn more about what they do.

Brownfields to Brightfields: 2-year project charts potential

Dr. Sanglim Yoo won provost’s grants two years in a row, so our second-year studio students have been working with Sierra Club to see what former brownfield sites might work as solar fields.

Professor’s Scavenger Hunt Helps Students Discover Downtown Muncie

Assistant Professor John West was surprised that most of the 90 students in his Introduction to Planning course had never visited downtown Muncie. He wanted to change that.