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Meet Braylon

Strengths: Braylon likes helping fellow students and siblings with their homework and is a strong academic student. He is interested in becoming an elementary teacher and teaching 4th grade, and he is on track to earn the Indiana College Core (30+ college credit hours) at his high school.

Challenges: There is not an Education Professions pathway available at his local high school or career center.

Recommended Opportunities:
Participate in Flight Path to Teaching Summer Camp his Junior year of High School to gain valuable experience working with students at Camp Adventure.

Recommended Dual Credit Coursework: The following dual credit courses directly apply to the Elementary Education program: ENG 111, ENG 112, COM 101, BIO 101, HIST 101 & 102, POLS 101.


Meet Jacqueline

Strengths: Jacqueline is passionate about science and working with children. She was told by her middle school teacher that she would make a great science teacher because of her interest in sharing science with others at the Science Olympiad. Her high school offers Education Professions dual credit courses through the local career center.

Challenges: Jacqueline is the first person in her family to attend college and is unsure how to navigate the application process. She is considering attending a community college to save money and then transferring to Ball State.

Recommended Opportunities

  • Education Professions Pathway - Jacqueline should enroll in Principles of Teaching, Child and Adolescent Development, Teaching and Learning, and the Education Professions Capstone courses. She should take these classes as dual credit if offered.

  • Teacher Residency - Jacqueline could return to her hometown to complete her student teaching experience, save money on housing, and provide networking opportunities for future employment.

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Meet May

Strengths: May has always been interested in teaching, and she recently took the Exploring Education Careers course at her local high school. May’s school recently started offering online dual credit coursework for the Education Professions pathway through The Pursuit Institute, and her school counselor recommended she explore the new Registered Apprenticeship Program for Elementary Education. This apprenticeship would give May the opportunity to work with a mentor to guide professional growth and development while she works in a classroom and earns a wage

May would like to complete a college degree in three years, and needs to work to earn money during her degree program.

Recommended Opportunities  The Youth Registered Apprenticeship Program for Elementary Education would provide an opportunity for May to earn an Indiana Elementary Education Teaching License through an accelerated five-year program starting her junior year of high school while earning both income and experience working with students.

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Meet Thomas 

Strengths: Thomas has a Bachelor’s Degree in English and considering becoming a high school teacher. He is working at the local high school in his community as a permanent substitute, where the principal shared the Transition to Teaching program with Thomas.

 Thomas would like to continue to work as a substitute teacher while earning his teaching license.

Recommended Opportunities  The Transition to Teaching (T2T) program offers a four-semester path to a teaching license for either elementary or secondary education that is 100% online designed for people who already have a bachelors' degree. 

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