The Research Design Studio (RDS) is a studio-based lab that brings together expertise from faculty and advanced graduate students to support optimal research design and production. The approach of our studio is to provide research and evaluation consultation support to faculty, students, or community partners (e.g., school, museum, business), allowing our doctoral student team members to gain experience with designing and supporting research projects to varying degrees.

We specialize in supporting individuals with good ideas to build a research or evaluation design that will answer critical questions pertinent to their fields of practice. While our expertise is predominantly in educational and psychological domains – we have expertise in developing, implementing, and documenting research strategies that can be useful in any discipline.

RDS Can Help You…

  • Establish high-quality research design for research and evaluation projects
  • Serve as an external evaluation team for your grant projects
  • Develop grant proposals
  • Provide coaching, consultation, or training in advanced statistical analyses
  • Determine the most appropriate instruments and measures for your research questions
  • Develop a research program for junior scholars or senior faculty seeking to branch into new areas of inquiry
  • Deliver professional development sessions to learn strategies for conducting and disseminating research
  • Establish collaborative groups inside and outside of the university

Get Started

To get support - the first step is to request a consultation. Complete the linked form and a member of our team will connect with you.

RDS Team Membership

The RDS is primarily a network of volunteers. Some of our team members are supported through external grants (eg., GA members) - but all Faculty members serve as RDS support members through a service model designed to grow research skills among our doctoral students and faculty colleagues.

All faculty and graduate students with expertise in research (or an interest in developing their own expertise levels) are welcome to engage in RDS meetings or projects. Each year, approximately 5-10 graduate students are active in supporting RDS initiatives.

For information on how to be associated with RDS projects, or any questions at all contact Jerrell Cassady.