Susan Tancock
Susan Tancock
Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and Professor of Elementary Education
Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 1005A

About Susan M. Tancock

Dr. Tancock has taught undergraduate and graduate literacy courses for over 25 years. In her work with the Schools Within the Context of Community program, she facilitates culturally-relevant literacy experiences for undergraduate students as they work in school, after-school, and in community-engaged activities. Susan is committed to finding ways to better prepare preservice teachers to serve racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse students and to address issues of equity in today’s schools.

Professional Experience


Assistant Chair

Co-Director of The Alliance for Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation


Ph.D, Educational Theory & Practice, 1991

The Ohio State University

M.Ed., Reading, 1987

Butler University

B.S., Elementary Education, 1984

Ball State University

Research and Publications

Clark, P., Zygmunt, E., Tancock, S., Cipollone, K. (2021). The Power of Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation: Voices and Visions of Hope and Healing. New York: NY. Teachers College Press.

Zygmunt, E., & Cipollone, K., & Tancock, S. (2020). Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation and the Development of Dispositions for Equity and Social Justice. In R. Papa (Ed.) Springer handbook on promoting social justice in education. (pp. 1-21). New York: Springer Publishing.

Zygmunt, E., Cipollone, K., Tancock, S., Clausen, J., Clark, P., & Mucherah, W. (2018) Community engaged model shapes candidates’ cultural responsiveness JTE Insider Blog, Interview: candidates-cultural-responsiveness/

Thomas, C., Tancock, S., & Zygmunt, E. (2018) Effects of a Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation Program on the Culturally-Relevant Teaching Self-Efficacy of Preservice Teachers. Journal of Negro Education.

Zygmunt, E., Cipollone, K., Clark, P., & Tancock, S. (2018). Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation. In J. Lampert (Ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Zygmunt, E., Cipollone, K., Clark, P., Tancock, S., Clausen, J., Mucherah, W., (2018). Loving
Out Loud, Journal of Teacher Education, 69(2), 127-139.

Areas of Expertise

Culturally-Relevant Literacy Instruction

Critical Literacy

Diverse Children's Literature

Social Justice

Other Professional Activities


Multicultural Education and Diversity Award (2017). American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education (2016). American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Division K Award for Innovations in Research on Diversity in Teacher Education (2016). American Educational Research Association.

Award for Exemplary Culturally Responsive Teacher Preparation (2012) (Schools Within the Context of Community Immersive Learning Semester). American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education / Southern Poverty Law Center.