If you’re considering a career in the dynamic field of health care, then one of the best for personal fulfillment and attractive job prospects is speech pathology and audiology. At Ball State, we prepare our students for rewarding careers diagnosing communication disorders, treating patients with speech or hearing impediments, and conducting medical research regarding treatment. Speech and audiology professionals find work in hospitals, clinics, schools, laboratories, and private offices.

Speech pathology and audiology students at Ball State can earn a bachelor’s degree that qualifies them for a variety of job opportunities, and many students go on to earn a master’s degree and doctoral degree affording more advanced employment opportunities in research, higher education, and various health care fields.

Our on-campus diagnostic and therapeutic audiology and speech pathology clinic serves central Indiana residents and provides a dynamic venue for our students to achieve their clinical and observational requirements.

In addition, a Ball State education provides students with immersive learning experiences, in which interdisciplinary teams solve real-world problems for business and community partners. For example, speech pathology majors and other students taught dance to more than 60 local fourth-graders, who performed at school assemblies. The Ball State students produced a five-minute video about immersive learning and a 28-minute DVD about the assemblies.