Tong Li
Tong Li
Assistant Professor in School of Journalism and Strategic Communication


Room:AJ 383

Dr. Tong Li, assistant professor in the Center for Emerging Media Design and Development in the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication, earned a Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology from The University of Georgia in 2020. After earning his doctorate, Dr. Li completed a postdoc at the Science of Learning and Educational Technology Lab at Arizona State University. Dr. Li’s research focuses on creativity and design thinking. For example, his research has investigated the influence of schema-disruptive stimulus on designers’ flexible thinking and design process in a studio-based learning environment. Dr. Li is also interested in understanding factors that influence designers’ creativity to advance design learning activities or pedagogies that facilitate the creative design process.

Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Creative Project 698 83J 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
Special Projects Med 380 1 1400 - 1515 T R AJ, room 353
Interact Media Desig 650 1 1100 - 1215 M W AJ, room 392
Professional Capston 680 800 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE