Military Science students train for a competition

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to challenge yourself and others by participating in competitions hosted by other organizations.

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is described as the “varsity sport” of ROTC. The battalion’s top cadets compete against teams from other colleges and universities.

Events include: patrolling, marksmanship, weapons assembly, one-rope bridge, grenade assault course, Army physical fitness test, land navigation, and a 10-kilometer road march.

Norwegian Foot March

Norwegian March is an ROTC competition for military service members where they compete as teams to complete the 18.6 mile march with a 25-pound ruck or backpack. Upon completion within the allotted time of the event, each participant earns the Norwegian Badge.

Mountain Man Memorial Road March

The Mountain Man Memorial Road March is a race event—marathon, half marathon, or 10K—that divides into military and civilian categories. Participants may compete as individuals or five-person teams.