Our executive education programs are designed to provide your company with the business solutions it needs. Explore our popular programs or contact us to discuss a customized approach that suits you.

Popular Programs

The programs most popular among our clients include:

Focus on identifying areas to fix and grow to create positive performance out of a downward trend.

The directors of our Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute packed over 10 years of unprecedented research on Disney management methods and captured their findings in a book by Routledge Publishing. Learn from the world’s best and apply to your organization!

Tailored especially for those who aren’t naturally “number people,” our step-by-step approach teaches financial statements, how to interpret them, and how each attendee can understand their role in their organization’s financial success.

In a busy selling environment, learn how to maximize your most profitable or promising customer relationships intentionally and strategically.

When an employee is successful, the next step is often management—which is actually an entirely different skill set! Learn how to transition smoothly and effectively, including how to see financials and people skills differently.

Bring your organization’s real-world challenges to this unique training on problem solving styles, information gathering, and action styles. Build your own course structure from 2 hours to 4 days!

Different talents, styles and preferences all affect the relationships and dynamics within an organization. Understand yourself, your colleagues and your team for maximum performance. We can help you find exactly the right training solution among our many options.

  • DiSC: behavioral styles
  • Basadur: functional and problem solving styles
  • ELI: leadership and entrepreneurial styles
  • Clifton Strengths: psychological talents
  • MBTI: personality styles
  • BP10: building an all-star team
  • Gallup Q12: employee engagement

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Custom Programs

We know that every organization is unique. We co-create with you a unique program to meet your organization’s specific challenges, needs, gaps, or goals.

To do this, we use the LEAD process:

  • Listen: We learn your real-world needs, challenges, opportunities, and your definition of an excellent outcome.
  • Explore: We work collaboratively with you to select the most meaningful content for your organization.
  • Adapt: We tailor and apply content to actual, relevant objectives of your organization.
  • Deliver: We provide challenging, inspiring education that increases knowledge, skills, and impact.

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