Executive Education from the Miller College of Business

Executive Education from the Miller College of Business is designed to engage your people and your company with our expert faculty in order to solve problems and enhance business performance. We create programs that address real-world needs and challenges to enable meaningful, measurable improvements in your organization.

Our executive education programs pull from each discipline within Miller College of Business including areas like innovation, teamwork, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, and more to meet each client’s unique needs.

Awards and Recognition

The Miller College of Business is a leader in education and business and is proven by our continued accreditation and numerous awards and rankings. Learn more


We offer a wide range of programs to help you and your organization succeed. We deliver with a mix of customized online modules and in-person workshops as COVID-19 conditions allow. Programs are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. Browse our popular programs or view a full catalog of what we offer.

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Not all organizations are the same, so sometimes a standard program won’t fit what you’re looking for. We offer consulting services to help solve unique problems such as:

  • improving financial acumen among employees
  • stimulating innovation
  • enhancing communication effectiveness
  • creating custom programs

Contact us today for a conversation where your organization’s needs receive our full attention.

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