To help new students make the transition to graduate student life at Ball State, the Graduate School hosts several orientation events to supplement your academic department’s orientation.

Our orientation program is comprehensive; it’s not mandatory but highly recommended. We created the Graduate School Orientation designed to provide information just when you need it. We also have resources, intended for both our online and on-campus students, with helpful information prior to starting your academic journey.

Pre-arrival Orientation Webinar

Our most recent Pre-arrival Orientation Webinar was held in July of 2018. If you missed it we have a recording of the event available for you to view at your convenience.  It provides many resources to help you as you prepare for graduate school.

On-Campus Orientation

On-campus orientation brings together incoming graduate students from a variety of disciplines and provides key information on topics such as campus and community resources, campus health services and health insurance, and life at Ball State from a graduate student perspective.

This event is a great way to meet graduate students from outside your department and gather some valuable information.

We also invite online-only students to attend this festive on-campus event.

  • Learn more about on-campus orientation.
  • The Fall 2019 On-Campus Orientation date and details are currently under development. 
    Check back here for updates as the Fall Semester approaches.

Online and Distance Education Students

The university’s Division of Online and Distance Education also offers orientation services for online students. The on-campus orientation is supplemental to this online version.

International Students

The university’s International Student Services office offers a separate, mandatory orientation for international students. International students are also invited to attend the on-campus orientation.