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Our program in Environmental Geoscience is a great choice If you enjoy applying your knowledge to real-world environmental topics or simply want to make a positive difference in preserving and protecting our environment. 

Our B.S. degree in Environmental Geoscience prepares you to apply natural sciences to the real world and equips you for a variety of career opportunities.

Our major in Environmental Geoscience is designed to prepare you to work in environmental consulting and at state government agencies, such as IDNR or USGS.  It also prepares you for the rigors of graduate school.

What You Will Learn

Through the wide variety of topics in environmental geoscience, chemistry, and geology, you’ll:

  • Recognize that Earth is a complex system
  • Develop and foster critical thinking skills
  • Integrate information from multiple related topics to develop new knowledge and insights
  • Adapt and apply knowledge, skills, and methodologies to understand increasingly complex concepts
  • Cultivate an understanding of teamwork and collaboration

Program Benefits

You’ll learn from well-educated, noted scholars in our field.

They have experience in all areas of the U.S., with detailed knowledge in Indiana and the Midwest, the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, and California, as well as international experience in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Peru, Brazil, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan, and Antarctica.

They have experience in the major subfields of geology including:

  • minerals
  • igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • sedimentary rocks
  • fossils
  • petroleum geology
  • environmental geology
  • earthquakes and volcanoes
  • landform geomorphology
  • river processes
  • groundwater hydrology
  • environmental site assessment
  • geophysics
  • geochemistry
  • water quality
  • earth/space science teaching

You can expect to experience the world of geology firsthand. We offer fieldwork and other travel opportunities in:

  • Indiana
  • adjacent states
  • the Appalachian Mountains
  • Canada
  • West Texas
  • the Gulf Coast
  • Colorado
  • New England
  • Puerto Rico

In this major, you’ll participate in a five-week summer field course in the Black Hills of South Dakota and northern Wyoming. There, you’ll prepare geologic maps and cross sections, stratigraphic columns, and technical reports.

Almost all geology courses (except for the introductory course) average only about 15 students.

This means you will get to work directly with and learn from our highly regarded faculty.

Our facilities provide an excellent learning environment:

  • spacious work areas
  • faculty and student research laboratories
  • up-to-date equipment
  • dedicated computer lab
  • exhibit areas
  • full electronic classroom facilities

Major Requirements

Your course of study will include the University Core Curriculum, 68 credits of coursework focused on environmental geoscience, and electives to round out your degree.

Two preparatory courses are recommended but not required before you may declare this major:

  • a high school or college earth science course, or GEOL 101 with an approved geology lab
  • MATH 112 or the high school equivalent, as approved by the primary departmental advisor

We recommend taking CS120 Computer Science 1 and one year of college chemistry, physics, or both.

Total Credits



A few of the courses you will take include:

  • Earth Materials
  • Sedimentary Geology
  • Physical Hydrology
  • Soil Resources
  • Geomorphology

For a complete list of all the classes you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Environmental Geoscience?

Many of our graduates go into the environmental consulting field or work at governmental agencies in Indiana and throughout the United States.

As a BSU Alumni with an Environmental Geoscience degree, you will be qualified to work as:

  • Environmental scientists and technicians
  • Environmental science consultants
  • Research scientists
  • Geoscientists

If graduate school is your goal, you are well situated to earn a M.S. or Ph.D.  In the last decade, our students have been accepted into top programs at Montana State, Arizona State University, Bowling Green State University, among others.

Paying for Your Education

scholarship iconDepartment Scholarships

On top of the dozens of scholarships the university offers its students, our department gives awards every year to its own students to recognize them for their achievements. Learn more.

Ready to Apply?

Are you interested in this major? The first step is to apply as an undergraduate student to Ball State University. Begin the journey today.


One of the best ways to understand why Ball State stands out is to come see it for yourself. You can schedule a visit through our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Make sure to tell them you’re interested in our program. Or if you’d like to speak with someone in our department directly by phone or email, please contact us.

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