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No matter where your career takes you, a minor in biology will give you an edge in your field and make you more marketable. Our interdisciplinary program includes many hands-on learning experiences, small class sizes, and instruction by experienced faculty.

This minor works well with majors in:

  • anthropology
  • business
  • chemistry
  • criminal justice and criminology
  • journalism
  • landscape architecture
  • natural resources and environmental management
  • physiology and health science
  • psychology
  • wellness and gerontology

What You Will Learn

With our minor in biology, you can tailor coursework to best fit your interests. You have the option of studying the fundamentals of such topics as:

  • biology
  • microbiology
  • botany
  • ecology

Program Requirements


If you want to learn more about this minor, contact our academic advisors, Sarah Williams or Julie Ridgeway.

Students seeking a minor in biology should align 200-level courses with expected coursework at the 300- and 400-level, taking prerequisites into consideration. BIO 369, 394, and 498 are excluded from counting towards a minor.

Please examine the options that are listed for biology majors as potential sources of 300 and 400 level coursework based on your interest.

Total Credits: 18-20


For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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Enroll in this Minor

To enroll in this minor, contact your advisor.

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