Jill Coleman

Jill Coleman

Associate Dean of the College of Sciences and Humanities and Professor of Geography and Meteorology


Room:NQ 193

Teaching and Research Specialties

Climatology, synoptic meteorology, atmospheric hazards, and applied geography


Jill S. M. Coleman is an Associate Dean in the College of Sciences and Humanities with responsibilities for:

  • Managing college-wide grants and contract activities (including grant proposal reviews)
  • College communications and marketing
  • Institutional effectiveness and assessment (program review, annual reports, accreditation, student learning assessment, University Assessment Committee)
  • College Promotion and Tenure Committee (organize revision and submission of P&T documents for tenure track and non-tenure line faculty, review of candidates and appeals)
  • Credit, non-credit and alternative credentials program development

Dr. Coleman has served on numerous committees across the university, including committees for Promotion and Tenure at the University and College level, Graduate Education, and Financial and Budgetary Affairs. Her research focuses on the impacts of large-scale atmospheric teleconnection patterns (e.g., El Niño-Southern Oscillation, North Atlantic Oscillation) on North American hydroclimatic variability and atmospheric hazards (blizzards, weather phobia). Dr. Coleman also has a very visible national and international presence, such as consistently serving as a manuscript and grant reviewer for a couple dozen different journals and agencies, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society in 2009, and serving as the Climate Specialty Group Chair of the Association of American Geographers.