Board Composition

Our Interior Design Advisory Board consists of 46 members from more than 30 diverse design-related firms. Advisory Board meetings are held each year in the Fall and Spring. Board members or their alternates agree to attend all sessions; those who miss two consecutive sessions may forfeit their seat on the Board.

Elected Members shall have two-year terms with an option for re-election by the board to an additional two-year term.

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair
  • Other positions as volunteered for

Associate Members (Practitioners & Vendor Member) are those working in design firms or whose primary business is to provide goods or services to the interior design industry. Election to the Board is by a simple majority of voting board members.

Alumni Members are previous graduates of the Ball State Interior Design or Architecture program.

Supporting Members shall consist of the Ball State Interior Design Program Coordinator and Ball State Interior Design faculty representative(s). A student representative will also be included and should be an active participant of the Ball State’s Interior Design Associate (IDA) executive committee. The following can also serve as a supporting member: Construction Management and Interior Design Department Chair, and/or representative(s) the Department of Architecture or others interested in the College of Architecture and Planning.

The Board shall be composed of not less than five interior design representatives including Elected members, Associate members, Alumni members, and Supporting Members.

Board Nomination

Any current member may nominate new board members. New representatives proposed for the Board must be actively involved in the field of interior design (i.e. interior designer, interior architecture, interior decoration, architecture or related field with an interior design emphasis) and have the ability to contribute to the program. Broad geographic representation is desired.


Board Chair--This position shall have served as an Advisory Board member for a minimum of one year before assuming a leadership role on the Board. An exception occurred at the first Advisory Board meeting where the newly formed Advisory Board chose a Board Chair who was elected during that first meeting.

Vice-Chair--The Vice-Chair shall be elected by the Board at the Fall meeting and assume office at the beginning of the following Spring semester*. The Vice-Chair shall serve a two-year term. The Vice-Chair shall preside over Board meetings and will perform all duties of the Chair in the event he or she is unable to fulfill the role.
* During the initial Fall kick-off meeting a nomination process will occur where the first Vice-Chair will be elected to the position.


Contributions can be made through the Ball State University Foundation, Inc. Search for the Interior Design Program General Fund. Contributions to the university are tax-deductible and are subject to applicable legal limits for corporate and individual donors.

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