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We offer both graduate and undergraduate degrees in a variety of communications applications. As our student, you will learn to become an effective communicator across varied platforms and environments. No matter your goals, our programs can help you jumpstart your career in a professional setting, lead you into the teaching field, or prepare you for graduate studies.


Communication Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our communication studies degree lays the theoretical foundations of effective communication and empowers you to become a skillful communicator. You can choose from concentrations in public, interpersonal, or organizational communication. Learn more.

Minor in Communication Studies

With a minor in communication studies, you will learn the fundamentals of effective interpersonal, organizational, and public communication. Learn more.

Minor in Campaign Communication Studies

Our minor in campaign communication studies covers how political communication works and common methods of political persuasion and rhetoric. Learn more.

Minor in Management and Organizational Communication

Complement your business skills with the art of effective communication within companies, organizations, and nonprofits. Learn more.

Communication Liberal Arts and Science Concentration

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Take your career to the next level with our graduate studies program in communication liberal arts and sciences. It will prepare you to teach in a college or university, move directly into a professional communication career, or further your doctoral studies. Learn more.

Organizational and Professional Communication Development Concentration

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Great companies need great communicators. Our master’s degree in organizational and professional communication and development will equip you to become one. Learn more.