CJC Students

Several opportunities and activities are available to students of criminal justice and criminology.

Departmental Honors

Our departmental honors program is designed to recognize students who exhibit an outstanding level of academic achievement in their Criminal Justice and Criminology studies. You may apply during your sophomore year for departmental honors to be recognized for your academic achievements. See the requirements.

Career Fair

Held each Spring, the annual Criminal Justice Career Day mutually benefits students and organizations by connecting CJC students with local, state, federal, and private-sector criminal justice agencies. Students and organizations can learn more here.

Student Organizations

Alpha Phi Sigma

The Alpha Phi Sigma national criminal justice honor society recognizes academic excellence in students. The organization provides members social, educational, organizational, and professional development services, among other benefits. Learn more.

Multicultural Alliance in Criminal Justice

The Multicultural Alliance in Criminal Justice (MACJ) has joined the Student Anti-racism and Intersectionality Advisory Council (SAIAC) to work towards dismantling racist ideologies and promoting understandings about race, intersectionality, and anti-racism. Students of all majors and minors can join. Learn more.

Professional Development

The Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology sponsors an annual series of professional development seminars. The series features professionals with expertise in the criminal justice field and gives students information on some of the latest developments in the field of criminal justice and criminology.

Study Abroad

Our Rinker Center for Global Affairs offers many options for studying abroad, from class trips led by professors to independent exchanges at foreign universities. These programs are open to all students, and they vary in length, location, and cost. Learn more.