Our bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in studio art with an emphasis in metals trains you in using the hand as well as the computer to produce meticulously crafted, wearable, decorative, and sculptural objects using a range of traditional and contemporary materials and processes.

Ball State's metals and jewelry program offers you the opportunity to explore processes, designs, and aesthetics in stunning, intimate detail. From ring or box design to larger conceptual work, metals design has exceptional opportunities for creative expression. The metals program at Ball State combines your personal and professional goals with strong technical, design, and communication skills.

What You Will Study

If you prefer a traditional crafts emphasis, you’ll concentrate on the basics of jewelry, hollowware, and box making while learning various production and marketing methods. Much of your work will be in copper, silver, or gold, and may include gemstones or enameling techniques. You will also have access to laser cutters and electroforming.

You also have the option to concentrate more heavily on the sculptural aspects of metals design. Students more interested in a fine art application of these skills make one-of-a-kind statements, often choosing to create small sculpture as the final product of their artistic inquiry.

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Metals?

As a graduate of our metals program, you’ll be prepared for:

  • a career as a professional jewelry designer
  • a career as a professional studio artist
  • good graduate programs for further study
  • teaching opportunities at all levels

Paying for Your Education

School of Art Scholarships

Scholarships are a terrific way to help with costs. On top of the university’s scholarships available to you, the School of Art has several programs of its own. Begin searching.

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