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On October 8, the four landscape architecture students from the Nature @ Play seminar attended the 2007 annual American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) national conference in San Francisco to receive the prestigious Student Collaboration Honor Award on behalf of the class-team.

The award recognizes collaborative projects brought about through a team effort among students from landscape architecture programs along with students from allied and complementary disciplines.

The purpose of the seminar was to explore ecological education by means of video games. Why? Because at the heart of the project was a genuine passion to make the Earth a healthier place, and the students recognized that reaching and engaging today's youth is an important part of this process.

But how? Getting today's youth interested in and building their understanding of, ecosystems, by connecting them to the natural world through a medium that is second nature to them.

The resulting product? An educational video game Navigating Nature, which uses a compelling storyline, animated characters, and different game play techniques built upon natural laws to challenge children to restore ecosystems—by giving them an active role in the restoration process. When kids play games, they are thinking critically and exercising logic; simply put—they are learning. Learn more about the video game and interdisciplinary team.

Find out more about the 2007 ASLA student collaboration honor award.