Jen Blackmer and the Original 15...

Mephistopheles (Ethan Mathias) makes Dr. Faust (Dustin Spence) a deal he should refuse.

Jen Blackmer & Kyle Jean Fisher make alterations to the evolving script.

Peter Corey in costume as a tap-dancing strand of DNA & Joel Miller as entrepreneur Mayhew Laslow, characters in one of the play's films.

Using theatre as a platform to explore the complexities of the Human Genome Project, Blackmer and her 2006 Virginia Ball Center (VBC) students researched and collaboratively wrote the engaging script addressing the scientific and ethical implications of genetic alteration. Combining theatre with technology they created and incorporated multimedia and  animation into the production.

First Time Fully Realized...
Throughout the development of the play, the seminar gave several preliminary readings which helped shape the script's direction. On May 3, 2006, they presented a final staged reading at Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis, and the play was fully produced as part of University Theatre's 2007-2008 season at Ball State University.

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Explore the project's genesis and meet the original 15.

Dustin Spence at the Virginia Ball Center writing an early draft of the play.