Health requirements for students at Ball State exist primarily to protect the student body as a whole from infectious disease.

Requirements are different for international students and domestic students (those from the United States).

Health Requirement CHECKLIST

Health Requirements for Admission

1.  Complete SECTION ONE of the Health Form and sign it.

  •  If you are under 18 years of age, the Health Form must be signed by your parent or legal guardian.

2.  Visit your doctor and have your doctor complete SECTION TWO of the Health Form.

  • You must have proof of two measles vaccines (after your first birthday)
  • You must have proof of two mumps vaccines (after your first birthday)
  • You must have proof of one rubella vaccine (after your first birthday)
  • You must have proof of one tetanus/diphtheria vaccine given after August 2010
  • You must have one meningitis quadrivalent (ACWY) vaccine if under that age of 22 years
  • If you are 23 years of age or younger, you must have 2 meningitis B vaccines
  • The final requirement is to have a tuberculosis test performed in the United States. Testing performed in another country will not be accepted.
    • The T-spot blood test for tuberculosis will be obtained during orientation week at the Health Center
    • Please pre-pay with a credit card by going to the website:

3.  If you have not had these vaccines as a child, your doctor will need to give you the vaccine(s) before you come to Ball State University.


Vaccine Requirements

  • See your doctor in June
  • Give your doctor the Health Form
  •  If you have record of getting the following vaccines as a child, your doctor can complete the information on your Health Form
    • Dates of two measles, mumps, rubella vaccines given after your first birthday
    • Date of a tetanus diphtheria vaccine given after August 2010
    • Date of a quadrivalent meningitis (ACWY) vaccine given if under that age of 22 years
    • Dates of two meningitis B vaccines given six months apart if 23 years or younger
  • If you have no record of receiving these vaccines as a child, your doctor will need to give you the vaccines listed above to complete the vaccine requirements
  • Your doctor will then need to sign and date section two of the Health Form
  • The cost to get all of the vaccines listed above may be over $600 if you do not get these done before you arrive at Ball State.

Arriving to the Health Center

  • Your first visit to the Health Center will be for a tuberculosis(TB) test called a T-spot
    • The T-spot test is performed by drawing a blood sample.
    •  For more details, click on the link to the full policy
    • Please drink plenty of water when you come for your TB test because it will be easier to draw your blood
    • You must pay with a credit card the day you get your blood drawn for the TB test if you did not pre-pay online.
    • Bring your Health Form or your vaccination record. They must be translated into English prior to your visit.
    • Without proof of vaccinations:
      • You will have your blood drawn for a test that checks for immunity to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines which costs $54
      • You will also have to pay to receive a tetanus/diphtheria vaccine which costs an additional $50.
      • You will also have to pay to receive a meningitis quadrivalent (ACWY) vaccine which costs an additional $130.
  • At your next appointment to the Health Center nursing staff will:
    • Inform you of your TB test results
    • Advise you on how to complete the vaccination requirements if your record is incomplete.
    • If the blood test does not show immunity to measles, mumps or rubella, you will be required to return to the Health Center to get these vaccines which will be an additional cost of $70 per shot.
    • If you have not had a Meningitis B vaccine, you will have to start the series of two shots, which would be $140 per shot.
Health Requirement SUMMARY

International graduate and undergraduate students must meet all the same health requirements as undergraduate domestic students, as well as a few other requirements.

Tuberculosis Test

You need have an evaluation for tuberculosis (TB) performed in the United States. Either a TB skin test or a T-spot blood test performed in the United States is acceptable.

Testing will be offered as part of international student orientation before beginning classes. Each student will be charged for the TB test, which will be billed to your student financial services account.

Health Examination

You will also need to have a pre-enrollment health examination.

Download the Health History Form

Have your physician complete the Report of Immunizations, which must be written in English.

You will then complete the remaining sections of the form and send it to the Health Center at the address below:

Amelia T. Wood Health Center
Ball State University
1500 Neely Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306-0815, USA

Ball State endorses GeoBlue health insurance plan for international students.

The GeoBlue health insurance plan will provide you with service and protection in the event you become ill or injured during your studies.

GeoBlue also provides you and your family with valuable information to help you use and understand your health insurance program.

All international students are automatically enrolled in the GeoBlue Worldwide Insurance Services plan.

Ball State now endorses voluntary Vision and Dental Insurance options through Palmer Student Programs.  Vision and dental insurance is not included in the GeoBlue Worldwide health insurance plan and is not required by Ball State University.

If you are interested in purchasing vision and dental insurance coverage, you can now search for a policy that suits your needs!

Ball State will automatically enroll you in the health insurance program if you are issued a Ball State I-20 or DS-2019. You will be enrolled for the entire time you have an active Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record.

After you enroll, you will receive an email from GeoBlue with instructions on how to register, to access your insurance ID card and other important information about their online tools and services for access to this important health care.

The health insurance plan begins on Aug. 15 and lasts until Aug. 14 the following year.

Dependents (children and spouses) can be signed up for health insurance as well. Although dependents are not required to purchase the health insurance, we strongly suggest that you provide health insurance for your family.

You will be billed for the insurance through your Ball State bursar account.

Returning students will see a bill on their accounts beginning in early August. If you do not intend to return to Ball State and your program has not ended on your I-20 or DS-2019, you must notify an international student advisor at the Rinker Center in order to ensure that you are not billed.

New students will see a bill during the first two weeks of classes.

You will be billed twice a year:

  • in the fall – 42 percent of the annual rate
  • in the spring – 58 percent of the annual rate

Spring payment includes coverage for the summer.

Family member’s coverage is billed directly to you by the insurance company and cannot be charged to the bursar account.

If you are graduating or completing your program at Ball State, check your immigration documents to ensure that your I-20 or your DS-2019 shows the correct end date.

You are not required to maintain the Ball State insurance after your program ends, but you are still eligible to continue until the end of your enrollment period.

Example: If you graduate in May, you can continue on the insurance plan until Aug. 14 of the next year.

If you want to end your insurance after your program at Ball State has ended, you can meet with an international student advisor at the Rinker Center to complete a withdrawal form and shorten your immigration documents.

In order to provide the best possible health insurance coverage and premium rate to all of our international students, Ball State has made the decision to mandate GeoBlue insurance coverage for the 2022-2023 academic year. Waivers will not be accepted for equivalent insurance policies purchased elsewhere. If a student is provided insurance coverage as part of a fully-funded government sponsorship (such as SACM), they will continue to be exempted from GeoBlue coverage as in years past. 

If you are experiencing a financial hardship with regard to your health insurance, please contact the International Services team.

Amelia T. Wood Health Center

Also, known as the Ball State Health Center, the Amelia T. Wood Health Center is available to meet students’ medical needs by providing outpatient medical care to currently enrolled students. No appointment is necessary.


Academic Year
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday, Thursday, and Friday
9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday
7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday



IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital is located next to the Ball State campus. The hospital has 225 clinical staff members with more than 50 specialties of medicine. Its health care providers perform various medical examination, treatment, and surgery. For more information, call 765-747-8461. If you have a medical emergency, call 911.


7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday

The emergency room (ER) is open 24 hours.


2525 W. University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47303

You should have received an email from GeoBlue Insurance when you enrolled. This email contained instructions for obtaining your card and your enrollment details.

You should have received this email at your Ball State email account (be sure to check your junk mail folder, too).

If you have not received this email, please contact us.

Once you have received your enrollment email from GeoBlue, you can log in using certificate number that appears on your ID card.

After you log in, you can search for doctors, review your insurance benefits and discover how to file a claim.

Visit GeoBlue's website.

All Ball State international students on F-1 or J-1 visas are required to carry health insurance.

If you are fully funded by a government program which has provided a letter saying it provided insurance, you are exempt.

First, you need to make sure that your I-20 or DS-2019 shows the correct program end date.

If you graduate early, you need to see an international student advisor to shorten your program.

You are not required to keep the insurance after your completion date on the I-20 or DS-2019.

You will need to meet with an international student advisor to withdraw from the insurance.

You are able to keep your coverage until the end of the annual coverage period.

You will no longer be eligible after Aug. 14 of the academic year (August to August) that you graduate.

If you have additional questions regarding GeoBlue insurance, such as finding a doctor or filing a claim, please contact GeoBlue customer service by email or phone +1-844-268-2686 (inside the US) or +1-610-263-2847 (outside the US).