FAQs for International Students and Scholars during COVID-19

FAQs for BSU Faculty to read about International Students, Scholars and Faculty during COVID-19

As a unit of the Rinker Center for Global Affairs, International Services (IS) is the campus office devoted to international students, scholars, faculty and staff. 


International Services is committed to the internationalization of Ball State University by providing appropriate services and support to international students, scholars, faculty and staff as well as to University departments. IS seeks to enhance the academic, cultural, and social pursuits of our international clientele through knowledge and expertise in immigration, advising, and cross-cultural programming.


International Services will be a leader in meeting the needs of a growing and diverse international population and developing best practices for higher education.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

  • Relationships

One of International Services’ most essential core values is to create positive relationships with international students and their dependents. We support the University’s goal of being one of the most student centered universities in the nation and plan to make a significant contribution to that goal. We seek to maintain relationships of integrity with our students by getting to know them as individuals and serving the “whole person”. IS also strives to foster connections between our students, other Ball State University students, scholars, staff, faculty, and members of the greater Muncie community.

  • Inclusivity

International Services strives to provide welcoming, inclusive services and programs that are reflective of the needs of international students and their dependents that promote interaction and integration. The office is guided by an annual International Student First Year Experience Survey, as well as other surveys, focus groups and feedback forums.

  • Partnership

International Services embarks on its work with a strong commitment to internal teamwork and dedication to supporting all units within the Rinker Center and all other campus units who serve international students, scholars and staff and their families. IS holds genuine teamwork and collaboration as one of our most valuable assets.

  • Sustainable Office Practices

International Services offices, by the very nature of the work they do, leave substantial carbon footprints. The IS staff is dedicated to supporting Ball State’s sustainability goals by becoming a paperless office, focusing our energies and creativity on recycling and on the reduction of office waste.

Our Services

  • conducting a wide variety of programs and events contributing to international education and intercultural awareness through educational, social, and cross-cultural programs for the Ball State and Muncie communities such as the Friendship Family program, (hyperlink: Activities and Programs/Friendship Family) Culture Exchange, Speaker Bureau and I-Fest
  • hosting comprehensive orientation programs for international scholars
  • academic support for international students through advising, mentoring, program planning, and skill development
  • advising and support for incoming international exchange students
  • advising support for nonimmigrant students, visiting scholars, and international faculty and staff
  • training and support for university departmental faculty and staff
  • skilled visa document production for nonimmigrant students, visiting scholars, and international faculty and staff
  • processing of all F-1, J-1, and H-1B immigration requests and benefits such as travel, employment requests, program extensions, change of status applications, dependent services, and transfer requests
  • providing useful information sessions on various topics including immigration subjects, academic advising, and special program advising.