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The Center for Professional Selling advances the field of professional selling—through research and service to the business community and by preparing the next generation of sales leaders to excel in our in-demand field.

The center’s sales curriculum includes courses in sales, sales management, and related marketing electives. In fall 2010, the center began providing the opportunity for students to excel with the major in sales, with a focus on professional selling, sales technology, and sales management.

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Our Approach

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Student Outreach

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Immersive Learning Sets our Students Apart

Like other areas of the Miller College of Business, the center blends pertinent classroom teaching with valuable immersive learning that outfits students with the confidence, connections, and experience to achieve. Experience-based course work includes selling advertising space in the local business community, role playing in a video lab setting, managing contacts and territories using customer relationship management (CRM) software, and sales management.

A Focus on Career Connections

Driven to equip our students with real-world experience and industry connections, we support a range of sales competitions and career fairs, including our annual Sales Career Fair, one of the largest in the nation. 

Our People