The LandLab is the Land Design Institute's (LDI) green technology education, research, and demonstration lab. It was first proposed in a presentation and paper at the Greening of the Campus II conference (Motloch & Ferguson, 1997). By 2000, the LandLab idea had been evolved into a two-layered initiative including the Land Design Institute as the information-flow entity and the LandLab as the LDI’s green technology demonstration lab. The LDI's LandLab was conceptually designed (2002-2003) in a manner integrated with the Field Station and Environmental Education Center as the FSEEC-LandLab. Conceptual design was achieved through the CERES Fellowship entitled “Resource-balancing Design for the FSEEC-LandLab: BSU’s First Green Building and Built-Site (Motloch, 2002-3). Subsequent CERES Fellowships (Motloch 2003-2004 and 2004-2005) included preproposals for Phase One green technology demonstration projects.