Projects of the Land Design Institute
(July 1, 2001- June 30, 2002)

The Land Design Institute (LDI) completed its first full academic year of operation in 2001-02. The institute was conceived and adopted by the R. Wayne Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning  (with support and leadership from the Department of Landscape Architecture) and by Ball State University in 2001. The vision of LDI is “leading communities to change” through informed decision making processes focused on land resources. A primary function of LDI is to create a "home" for multidisciplinary research projects that involve land planning, site design, land resource issues and sustainable community development.

The following projects, initiated under the leadership of former LDI director, Dave Ferguson, represent the major thrust of the Institute for the academic year from July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2002. This list does not limit future participation by researchers with other interests but provides a starting point for supporting the LDI mission. It is anticipated that other areas of research may occur as new ideas and faculty interests are identified.

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Therapeutic Landscapes

Sustainability Education

Other Applied Research