Healthy Lifestyle Weights

The Healthy Lifestyle Center is pleased to offer our health and wellness services at no cost to clients. The Healthy Lifestyle Center, in association with the Interprofessional Community Clinics, does accept financial gifts that can be used to help purchase equipment and supplies and to support student and staff wages. Help support the work of our Healthy Lifestyle Center

The mission of the Healthy Lifestyles Center (HLC) is to promote the health of individuals, organizations, and communities. As a student-led interprofessional training clinic, the HLC seeks to train health professions students to collaborate with professionals, patients, and communities to provide holistic, patient-centered services aimed at improving overall health, wellness, and quality of life. 

The HLC has four primary objectives:

  • Promote collaboration in order to connect patients with health care professionals and community resources
  • Provide direct patient care services
  • Provide community-based education and training
  • Provide professional training and education