Sickle Cell Disease in Fort Wayne

By Teagan Bowie, Teia Hackley, Mania Massoud, Kyla Spell, and Rebekah Rose

Fort Wayne, Indiana has a high number of people living with Sickle Cell Disease and it was discovered that they do not always seek treatment. This group conducted calls to local clinics and physician offices to find out if they see and treat Sickle Cell patients. Students also connected with a local support group to assist with the distribution of educational materials. They were able to share their findings with The Martin Center, a non-profit organization located in Indianapolis, that serves as Indiana’s Sickle Cell resource center.

 Research Poster on Sickle Cell

ASD Friendly School Clinics

By Sydney Mann and Alysan Wittmer

Health clinics in rural school corporations do not always have the resources to provide students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with a comforting environment. These two students worked with rural high schools to evaluate their health clinics to determine whether they were “ASD-friendly” and to provide resources to help the staff treat this population in an effective manner.

 Research poster on Autism

Addressing Smoking and Vaping in Jay County

By Christina Spech, Emily Strawmyer, Spencer Tonner, and Meredith Whitman

This group of students partnered with the Tobacco Coalition in Jay County, Indiana and assisted with high school presentations on vaping, conducted point-of-sale surveys that show how tobacco companies market to the public, and canvased local housing complexes to determine which sites still allow smoking on the property.

 Research Poster on Smoking and Vaping in Jay County, Indiana

Prediabetes in Delaware County

By Christopher Burns, Megan Roseberry, and Shantel Gaillard

Delaware County Indiana was identified as having a need for diabetes prevention and prediabetes education. This group of students set up a screening fair at the local YMCA and YWCA to check the A1C levels of people in the community. They were able to provide A1C screenings along with education about the results.

 Photo of PreDiabetes Research Poster