At BSU Earthweek activities COTE announced the recipients of its seventh annual awards program. 

The awards fall into two main categories:

COTE Exemplar Awards recognize individuals or groups with significant accomplishments promoting the sustainable use of natural resources or the protection of ecological systems.

Individuals who have a record of continual significant achievements are further recognized by the awarding of a "COTE Exemplar Lifetime Achievement Award".

COTE Green Initiative Awards recognize everyday activities, decisions or contributions that help to move Ball State University toward sustainability.  Their purpose is to reward discrete contributions rather than a history of multiple accomplishments.

Click here to download the awards ceremony brochure in PDF format:
2009-10 COTE Awards Ceremony Program

Exemplar Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipients have a record of continual significant accomplishments throughout their lifetime promoting the sustainable use of natural resources or the protection of ecological systems.

Dr. Thad Godish

Dr. Godish completed his Ph. D. degree at Penn State University in 1969 and joined Ball State University in 1976. He took a medical leave of absence from Ball State during Fall semester 2008 and passed away in June 2009.
Dr. Diana Godish accepted the award in Thad's honor.

Thad was a major influence in the evolution of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management by virtue of his contributions to teaching and service, and to scholarship in particular. Thad’s area of specialization was Air Resources, with a special focus on indoor air quality. He later expanded his expertise to embrace industrial hygiene and occupational safety and health. He taught courses in Air Resources, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene, Asbestos and Lead Management, and the 40-hour OSHA course (Hazardous Materials Site Operations and Emergency Response).

Thad conducted extensive research in indoor air quality including hydrocarbon emissions from building materials, formaldehyde release and capture, mold contamination, and so-called ‘Sick Building Syndrome’. In the 1990s he earned certification as a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Thad authored scores of papers in national and international scientific journals and gave numerous presentations at scientific conferences in the U.S. and abroad. He authored several textbooks relating to both ambient (i.e. outdoor) and indoor air quality. His text, Indoor Air Quality, has been translated into several languages.

In recognition of his achievements, Thad was honored as Researcher of the Year for 2000. In 2007, Thad received a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as coordinator of an interdepartmental effort to create nationwide educational training programs for emergency responders.

Over the years, Thad was a tireless member of committees at the Department, College and University levels. He was instrumental in the creation of a new academic program, the Emergency Management and Homeland Security minor. Also active in professional organizations, Thad was a fellow of the Air and Waste Management Association and formulated the Environmental Quality section of the Indiana Academy of Science.

Thad Godish was a prodigious source of ideas and foresight, and a man of tremendous energy and creativity. His contributions will be of substantial value to Ball State University and the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management for years to come.

Exemplar Award
Recipients have a record of significant accomplishments promoting the sustainable use of natural resources or the protection of ecological systems.

BSU Natural Resources Club
Ms. Linisi Latimer, 2010 President
The Natural Resources Club’s mission statement is to raise environmental awareness and concern on campus through service projects, speakers, and activities. Club members have done this and more. They have worked to clean up the Cardinal Greenway and the White River.  They have taken students on trips outside of Muncie to have fun and to enjoy the natural world. Their crowning achievement is Earth Week. For the past several years they have brought representatives from private businesses, government agencies, and clubs from Ball State University together to spread the pro-environmental message. These include, but are not limited to, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Students for a Sustainable Campus, among many more to inform everyone on all subjects; from organic food to recycling. They have also brought in local bands to display their talent.

Dr. Thelma Lazo-Flores
Dr. Lazo-Flores’ is committed to the education of students on the linkage of sustainable practices and consumer product design and has initiated many projects for that purpose. This includes the Eco-Polis project, the Object of Desire with Zero Waste Design Project, extended research on global building assessment standard, best-practice research on interior design products with a solutions focus on the use of sustainable materials, the design of exhibition space for the NeoCon Green Life National Competition. Her presentation and articles for the Interior Design Educators Annual Conference, Indiana Association and Family and Consumer Sciences State conference, 2009 professional development conference for FCS Teachers, an on-campus workshop on cradle-to-cradle practices, a round-table participation in the 2nd annual International Conference on “Understanding Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities” at Portland State University, and her contribution to the work of the United States Green Building Council in its 2009 and 2010 Green Build Conferences.

Green Initiative Award
Recipients have made discrete contributions to help move Ball State University toward sustainability.

Hospitality and Food Management Student Association
Advisors: Lois Altman, Deborah Foster, Deanna Pucciarelli
This student club engaged in the 2009 Living Lightly Fair to share with the Muncie community those food products that reflect the principles of sustainability including a living wage for workers, crop production that does not harm the environment and food products that minimize chemical preservatives and additives to enhance health.

BSU Dining Services
Mr. Jon Lewis, Director
During the 2009-10 Academic Year, Dining Services expanded its commitment to sustainability in its use of organic and fair-trade coffee, the composting of food waste, the reuse of frying oil, the monitoring of serving-size portions, and the use of containers that are made without CFCs and are recyclable. The “Dining Greening Team” continues to work toward the goal of sourcing 20% of produce locally with plans for the creation and maintenance of a vegetable and herb garden to support its day-to-day operations.

The Atrium Gallery
Ball State School of Art, Nicole Cardassilaris, Manager 
In recognition of the “Reclaim, Reuse, Renew” art exhibit that featured 45 nationally and internationally known artists who found creative uses for discarded materials and turned them into unique works of art. 

Dr. Nancy Thompson
During the 2009 calendar year, Dr. Nancy Thompson undertook a broad effort at disseminating information about climate change, and sustainable living through to the INAFCS Annual Conference, the Indiana Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Professional Development Conference, the Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education Annual Conference, and the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.

COTE Service Award
Recipients have formerly served at least one term as a member of the Ball State University Council on the Environment.

Stefan Anderson
Dr. Hugh Brown
Meg Calkins
Nancy Carlson
Dr. James Flowers
Dr. Stanley Keil
David Lasater
Dr. David LeBlanc
Dr. B. Thomas Lowe
Dylnn Melo
Dr. Thalia Mulvihill
Fred Nay
Tim O’Malley
Michael Planton
Dr. James Pyle
Amy Reed
Philip Repp
Stacy (Neils) Said
Daniel Stallings
Dr. Barbara Stedman
Barry Umansky