Principal Investigators: Christine Thompson and Kevin C. Nolan

Project Abstract

With a grant from the Ohio History Connection’s Ohio History Fund, the Fort Recovery Historical Society (FRHS) and Fort Recovery State Museum (FRSM), in collaboration with the Applied Anthropology Laboratories, Ball State University, create an on-line ESRI Story Map application: “Digital Precontact Experience”. The application will include photos, 3D scans, videos, timeline, and cultural context for >1,000 object FRHS’ precontact collection. The Story Map will be freely available on the FRHS/FRSM and AAL websites, providing additional content for and access to this collection for both visitors and non-visitors. The “Digital Precontact Experience” is the latest collaboration between FRHS/FRSM, generating new interest and additional visitors for the FRSM and community. Several reviews and presentations will take place throughout the project.