If you are looking for one or two students to hire, don’t be surprised if you wish you could hire more. At Ball State, we have a number of talented students, so it’s going to be hard just to pick one or two.

Their courses are rigorous, but we know that’s what people like you are looking for. We have a board of alumni and people from the business community who advise on how we can make our students better. You will not be disappointed because our students are willing and ready to be put to work!

We invite you to sign up for our annual career fair in October. You will have the opportunity to meet several of our students there. If you can’t make it to the fair, drop in on one of our clubs. The Actuarial Science Club or Gamma Sigma Iota is always looking for speakers excited to share their knowledge. In addition, you can contact codirectors Gary Dean or Steve Avila for more information. 

Ball State's Career Center can also help you with finding students.