All students are required to take a mathematics course in the University Core Curriculum (UCC).  Many students satisfy this with MATH 125, which does not require placement.  However, some majors require a different math sequence that must meet prerequisite criteria.  These criteria can include prior college-level math courses (AP, dual credit, IB, or transfer credits), SAT/ACT scores, or the ALEKS Placement Preparation and Learning (PPL) mathematics placement assessment score.  ALEKS PPL is a computer-based, adaptive placement system that covers material from basic mathematics through pre-calculus.  It takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

Incoming students whose majors require the ALEKS PPL should complete the assessment.  It provides the most accurate predictor of readiness to succeed in entry mathematics courses.  For more information on placement procedures and preparation for the exam, please visit

To access and complete the ALEKS-PPL Placement Assessment:

  • Go to
  • Login with your Ball State username and password.
  • Under “Additional Tools,” select “ALEKS-PPL.”
  • Select the ALEKS-PPL user agreement.
  • You will see an indication that you are enrolled in:
    • Class: 2020 Orientation, All Year 2020
    • School: Ball State University
  • Select “Continue” to your ALEKS-PPL class, and you will be at the beginning of the assessment. A brief survey and tutorial on how to enter your responses will precede the actual assessment.

Your results are reported to you immediately after the exam so you know what classes will be available to you during registration at your Orientation session.  Your score will be available to your advisor in approximately one business day and is valid for one year.

For more information, please contact:
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Ball State University