The term “Academic Probation,” is a status given to students who do not meet minimum academic requirements in any given term. Understandably, it sends a message of expectation for meeting academic standards of the university, and results in a need for students to respond by meeting the challenge in a positive way, working within the university’s support services, communicating and connecting with faculty and administrators, and being aware of policies and strategies by talking with academic advisors and staff in the Office of the Registrar. The possibility of not being eligible to continue as a student at Ball State is at the crux of being on probation, but the intent of issuing “probation” is to alert the student and give the opportunity to remain, grow or overcome, and be successful in the future.

Grade Point for Probation status:
A student will be placed on academic probation when the accumulative grade point average (GPA) is below a 2.000. Failure to reach the minimum academic standards (see the Undergraduate Catalog for specifics) in the following semester may result in Academic Dismissal from the University. You will be informed of your probationary status by the Registrar's Office. If you have been informed by the Registrar that you have been placed on academic probation, you should immediately schedule an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss plans for improvement.

Minimum Grade Requirements when on Academic Probation 
A student with less than 30 earned credits is required to earn a 2.000 term grade point for the probation term (2.100 for students with more than 30 credit hours), and each following term until the cumulative grade point reaches 2.000 or above. If you are placed on academic probation, you may be required or strongly encouraged to take only 12 credits, repeat courses, plan to meet with your academic advisor (learn more about the PACE Program), use Learning Center tutoring or success strategies instruction, or carry out other steps to help in a plan for retention.

Academic Dismissal
Students who fail to meet the minimum academic requirements when on probation are subject to Academic Disqualification. This means the student is no longer eligible to take classes at Ball State unless reinstated by the university through the Office of the Registrar. You have the right to appeal your dismissal. For details on the appeal process, being reinstated, or questions about dismissal, contact the Office of Registration and Academic Progress (LU B43, 765-285-1722).