A small fleet of vehicles is available for university travel.

The Motor Pool Office is located at the northwest corner of the Services and Stores Building on Tillotson Avenue (Door No. 5) by the university vehicle parking lot.

To reserve a university vehicle, visit the Fleet Commander online vehicle reservation system.

How to Create an Account

In order to create a FleetCommander account you must:

  • be a Ball State University employee
  • have a valid drivers license (if you intend to drive a Ball State vehicle)
  • request a FleetCommander account by clicking the "Sign Up Now!" link in the left hand side of the FleetCommander navigation bar
  • have received an email with your log-in information from Transportation upon your eligibility approval

Your department travel coordinator can assist you with your vehicle needs.

Driving Policy and Trip Calculator

Before requesting a vehicle, please review the Driving Privileges Policy. You can also use our Trip Calculator to help determine your costs.

BSU Trip Calculator

Choose a vehicle:

How many Days:

How many Miles?

Trip Total: