Motor Pool Reservation System

The Motor Pool Reservation System is utilized only by the travel delegate.  The travel delegate is responsible for inputting all Fleet Commander profiles.  All approved university drivers must have a Fleet Commander Profile to drive for university business.  Fleet Commander is used to house all approved drivers as well as to request Motor Pool vehicle rentals.

To obtain driving privileges for an employee please email our office with the employee’s name, BSU ID, and email.  Once we have received the request, we will begin the approval process by emailing the Motor Vehicle Record Consent Form.  After reviewing their Motor Vehicle Record the travel delegate will be notified of their driving status.  If the driver is approved the travel delegate will create their Fleet Commander profile.

How to Create a Fleet Commander Profile

  • Log-in to Fleet Commander
  • On the “Welcome” page click on the link in the lower left “Sign Up Now!”
  • Fill in the form completely with the Traveler/Driver information
    • You will manage this profile for the traveler, so you will select the username and password.  The Travel Delegate is the only person that has access to Fleet Commander
  • Be sure to fill out the 22 Digit FOAP field
  • Title: is Employee/Faculty/Staff/Director, etc.
  • For “Delegate: Name, Phone, & Email” section(s) use your information
  • Once filled out completely click on “Save Registration”
  • Once the profile is approved you will receive an email.
  • If needed reservations can be made for the employee.

Fleet Commander Login

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