Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Advisors/support persons are expected to know and follow the following guidelines:

An advisor/support person of the student’s choosing may accompany them to any and all interviews, appointments, meetings and hearings involved in the assessment, investigation and resolution of the complaint.

While the parties are not restricted from discussing and sharing information relating to their complaints with others that may support them or assist them, the university expects that all persons will respect the privacy of one another and the integrity of the process.

As a general rule, the advisor may be any person who is not involved as a witness in the complaint. An overlap in these roles should be discussed with the appropriate university staff member and resolved immediately.

Students may communicate with the advisor/support person during interviews/appointments as needed. An advisor may, in 1:1 communication with the student, provide advice, consultation, and guidance, but may not represent or speak for the student. Students represent themselves in campus meetings and proceedings.

An advisor may be given opportunity to ask procedural questions. An advisor may not interrupt the interview, appointment, or other processes with excessive requests for procedural information.

University staff will communicate only with the complainant or respondent and consider only the complainant and respondent’s schedules when providing timelines for responses.

If you need adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, please let us know. Ball State's Disability Services office coordinates services for students with disabilities; documentation of a disability needs to be on file in that office before any accommodations can be provided. Disability Services can be contacted at 765-285-5293 or

A breach of any of these advisor guidelines will result in a warning. After a warning, an additional breach will result in the advisor being required to leave the meeting or discontinuation of the meeting until a later time.