Also for the 2023 season, Staff Council donated to an on campus program called, Guardian Scholars.  Guardian Scholars is a program that supports students who have gone through the foster care system.  Each winter break, the program puts together Winter Break Boxes to help students during the time they have to be away from campus.  This year, these boxes contained food, medicine, blankets, laundry soap, toiletries, paper towels, socks, and a variety of other things.  Also included were gift cards so the students could purchase items needed that were not included.  Staff Council’s donations to Guardian Scholars helped make 40 Winter Break Boxes possible and thousands of dollars in gift cards.

Staff Council couldn't have done any of this without the generosity of the many Ball State employees who donated to this project in some way. Big kudos to the Hospitality Committee for organizing this project and to the rest of the Staff Council representatives who donated gifts or money for these winter boxes!!!  Thank you!