If you think you're computer might be infected there are a number of steps you can take to determine if it is.  If you have questions you may contact the Technology HelpDesk by submitting a ticket at www.bsu.edu/helpdesk, calling 765-285-1517, or stopping by the Tech Center in BL 101.

Some Ways a Computer May Become Infected

  • Responding to a phishing email
  • Failing to keep your antivirus and spyware up-to-date
  • Clicking on a malicious Web site link
  • Using or connecting portable devices that aren't yours
  • Not disabling your Web browser's function to automatically run scripts

Signs a Computer is Infected

  • It begins to run slowly
  • Firewall is asking permission to allow unknown programs access to the Internet
  • Task manager indicates 100% utilization
  • Unknown processes and programs at Start Up
  • Policy changes were made without your knowledge
  • Some programs no longer work
  • You begin to get pop-ups
  • There are visible configuration changes

Possible Steps to Disinfect

  • First, remove your computer from network (unplug it)
  • If still using XP, turn off the system restore
  • Clean out the temporary files
  • Run spyware and ad-aware programs
  • Run your anti-virus against your hard drive
  • Reconnect to the network
  • Turn on system restore if running XP
  • Change all passwords and monitor your accounts, especially financial accounts