Social media has unfolded a new world of communication and it has many positive applications, but it is also used for malicious purposes including scams, cyberbullying, cyber threats, stalking, and promoting violent extremist ideology. 

It is our personal responsibility as social media users to take action in protecting ourselves from various forms of illegal activity.

Below are a few examples the social media web sites. 

  • Social Networking interacts by adding friends, making comments on profiles, joining groups and having discussions with one another. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eBiz continually updates the most popular social networking sites.
  • Social Photo and Video Sharing interacts by sharing photos or videos and commenting on other user submissions. (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion Instagram)
  • Social Music interacts by creating your own music interests and adding friends and neighbors to share music interests. (
  • Wikis interact by contributing information and articles and editing existing articles. (Wikipedia, Wikispaces)
  • Social News interacts by voting for articles and commenting on them. (Propeller, Digg, Reddit)
  • Social Bookmarking interacts by tagging web sites and searching through other web sites bookmarked by other people. (, Pinterest, Twitter)

This list is small sample of sites and new ones arrive on the internet on a regular basis as well as old sites being bought out or disbanded.