The EHS Public Health Specialist is appointed by the Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Division to implement and enforce Indiana’s retail food establishment regulations and standards at Ball State. Inspections of all permanent food service establishments operating on campus are routinely performed, along with investigations of any complaints or concerns.  

The Food Protection Officer also provides training and serves as a resource for food safety on the campus. 

Temporary food service events may be regulated in accordance with the Ball State Temporary Food Service Policy.  An Application Form and several food safety guides are available for food service at such events. 

Consumer Food Safety Complaints

Any complaints or concerns with the safety of food obtained on the Ball State University premises should be directed to the BSU Food Protection Officer.  These could include complaints about cleanliness, sanitation, foreign material in a product, poor employee practices, tampering, or illness suspected to have been caused by food.  Individuals wishing to file a complaint are required to complete the BSU Food Complaint Form. Concerns or complaints involving retail establishments off campus in Muncie or Delaware County, should be reported to the Delaware County Health Department at 765-747-7721.  The Indiana State Department of Health also maintains an online Consumer Complaint Report Form on their website at the following location:  That form may be completed for any retail or wholesale food service establishment in Indiana.  The completed form will be forwarded by the ISDH to the responsible local health jurisdiction for action or follow-up.

Requests for such temporary food service must be submitted to the EHS Office at least seven (7) days in advance. 


BSU Food Complaint Form
Food Safety Policy for Temporary Food Service
Temporary Event Food Service Form 
Bake Sale Requirements and Recommendations
Private Gatherings: BSU Potluck or Pitch in Events
Temporary Event Potentially Hazardous Food

Time As A Public Health Control Application


Community Garden and Produce Safety

Community gardens are shared projects on public or common open spaces where participants share in the maintenance and products of the garden, including healthful, free and/or affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.

Indiana Guidance on Whole Uncut Fresh Produce

FDA Guidance for Produce Safety