Academic Postings may contain all or part of the following: new, revised, and dropped programs, courses and prefixes. Below you will find this year's postings. Any previous postings will be available in the archives.

2022-2023 Target Posting Dates

For a proposal to be included in a public posting, it must have reached the "public posting" stage in advance of the following dates. Each posting will certify 10 business days after its posting. To receive notice of the academic postings via email, you must be subscribed to "Courses, Seminars, and Workshops" under Academics in the Communications Center.

Posting 1: September 30
Posting 2: October 21
Posting 3: November 18
Posting 4: December 16
Posting 5: January 20
Posting 6: February 17
Posting 7: March 17
Posting 8: April 14

Any proposals that reach the public posting stage after April 14, 2023 will be included in posting #1 of the 2023-2024 academic year unless otherwise specified.

2022-2023 Public Postings

Academic Posting 1

Posting 1: September 30, 2022